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A nearby village is being assailed by a colony of large bees that have taken over the only bridge to the mining communities and supply routes. Gather your group and make your way to the town.

Updated 8/3/06



Come up with your characters, discuss who wants to play what on the message boards, and then submit your character's name and class info HERE once you have decided.

You can play one character each. Any core race or class (except half orc), 28 point buy in. 1 GP starting money. We will be keeping track of spell components, max loads, etc.

Current Players:
Rob Carter: Human Druid Female "Larna"
Mike Kershner: Sorcerer
JD: Cleric
Mike McCrary: Fighter



Your characters are basically children or young adults. Some of you may have never adventured at all before. You may have even snuck out of the house to go on this expedition.. That is why you only have 1 gold piece, and no familiars or animal companions.

The isolated halfling hamlet of Lindley has a problem. The main supply route into town and to the mining communities, a large covered bridge spanning a mountain chasm, has been infested by giant bees. The sheriff has already perished in an attempt to remove them. The town has sent word out in several directions, of their problem. A halfling hunter named Shim Longbranch has been seeking help from the nearby communities.


Mission Completed

After making their way to the village the young group of adventurers began gathering intelligence on the problem. After several trial runs the group finally found a way to cut the numbers of the enemy down to a manageable size. During these first initial encounters, Roran & Larna learned to harness the power of their new abilities. Lars was always ready for a fight, sometimes even charging in before everyone else was ready. The party leader Dimitrius however was able to pull the group together for a final assault on the bridge. After several tense moments of battle, the entire party was nearly subdued. Two of the towns Halfling guards managed to put aside their fears and help the party defeat the queen bee for a final victory.

The group was rewarded with the honey remaining in the bridge, several bottles of fine Halfling wine and a learning experience they wont soon forget. During their stay, several members even worked in the vineyards while other injured party members recovered. Once all the honey was gathered the group made their way with the Halfling caravan to the mining town of Diamond Lake. Here with the assistance of the Halflings, they were able to sell their goods, purchase supplies, weapons and armor, and to begin the search for their next adventure.