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Rob Carter


Gunnar takes a hard stand against evil in all its various forms (on top of their hammer pounded corpses!). He calls anyone friend who seeks to rid the world of any evil doers. He calls Zephron, the master wizard, friend and companion and has adventured with him for over a century. The runes on the doorway of his home of Belderakus say Gunnar's creed......"THE HAND OF INVITATION TO FRIENDS.......THE GIFT OF DEATH TO ENEMIES!

Otto is a cleric of ST.Cuthbert, the god of retribution. He is a stern force against evil where ever it hides. His devotion for his deity is second to none and it shows in his every day life. Otto has slain "with the aid of others of course" many creatures that live off of killing the innocent and flagrantly violate the law, "also possible future followers of ST.Cuthbert". He seeks to take the word of ST.Cuthbert to the people and teach them the ways of his deities glory.
LADY LAUREN VAILE, female cleric of ISIS. [epic]
The grand lady once was a former cleric of "RE" former head of that pantheon. RE was absorbed by Horus and Horus became its new leader. When this happened the lady took ISIS, horus's mother, as her deity. Lady Lauren Vaile has always been and always will be, a defender of what's good and right in the lands. Although the lady is a valiant combatant, her main strength lies in her ability to cast the right spells at the right time such as healing or protection spells to aid the valiant warriors at her side. This has made the difference between failure and success in many encounters. Lady Vaile's main concern is for the poor people of the realms whose suffering is great. She feels that if people of wealth gave to the poor more often, the worlds problems would be greatly relieved.
ROBYN the druidess
Robyn is a vengeful force toward any who would harm nature,or her family. Her husband is Vanth the long strider, a ranger of some renown. Her daughter is Morgana, whose father is the great barbarian warrior Renco of the blade. Although Morgana knows that Renco is her father she calls Vanth by that name also as he has been there for her since early child hood. Robyn's adventures have been few in the past as she has made taking care of her forest and her family her major priority. She now seeks challenges in her travels to hone her druidic skills.

NAMARA SILVERWAVE, female barbarian.
Namara is a barbarian from a sea side community that reveres sea gods. Namara has change a lot from her former ways since she has been adventuring with her current friends. Although she favors her trident as her favorite weapon in combat, she has taken to the rapier as a secondary weapon because of its quickness in combat. Currently she is taking it easy from adventuring but seeks to continue traveling the lands, slaying monsters, finding treasure, and renewing her camaraderie with her fellow adventurers.

ELKHORN, Dwarven druid extreme!
Elkhorn seeks to change peoples minds as to how people see dwarves. From an early age Elkhorn has always loved forests and loved foraging in them. His animal companion is a blink dog he met on an expedition. Elkhorn has a reincarnated goat man also as a companion that currently resides at Elkhorn's abode, along with a "AWAKENED" treant that lives nearby.

AYLA WINTER CREST the elven druidess
Aylas total goal is to ensure the safety of the animals in her care and tend the forest in which she lives. She enjoys spending time with her animal companion "Fenris", a large black wolf, adventuring and setting nature at peace.

LARNA GREENPEACE  the druidess  
Larna started adventuring at an early age (15) by sneaking out of her family home to fulfill what she felt as her calling, to become a druidess. She met up with others of like mind and age and set out on the road. She learned a lot on her first adventure and is still learning everyday that danger is every where and she can never let down her guard. She is currently seeking her animal companion while adventuring with her friends. She hopes that when she returns home she will be able to show her parents whom she loves deeply, that the path she chose was the correct  one.

Rexor Bullborn

Rexor Bullborn's story is a strange one indeed. Before Rexor's birth, his mother was a herbalist of some renown. She was a rival of a witch (yet this was a hidden fact from the populace), who thought herself the best herbalist in the land. People would go to Rexor's mother because of her caring nature for her patients. This made the witch furious. Upon finding herself pregnant, Rexor's mother was excited and shared the news to all of her friends. The witch placed a curse on Rexor in his mothers womb to be born as one of the hoofed. From then on all of the months up to Rexor's birth were filled with intense pain for his mother until the night of his birth. The midwife who delivered the babe was drawn back by the horror of the sight of the newly born baby and backed into the corner of the hut and passed out. Rexor's father dropped to his knee's and sobbed. As his wife sat up slowly, wiping the tears and sweat from her eyes she gazed down at her son to see something not human but more akin to a calf. A sharp pain in her chest hit her as she gasped and dropped to the floor dead. It could be said that the strain of the difficult birth was to much, but most believe that it was the sight of her child that killed her. Rexor's father took the baby to the druids nearby and left "IT" there. The druids put the child on a cow who had lost its own calf days before and "there" Rexor nursed. The druids raised Rexor "the minotaur" and taught him all he would need to go out into the world and survive, or so they thought. Rexor later in his teens met up with adventurers and journeyed with them. The druids told rexor of his curse and he set out to remove it. After many adventurers rexor was successful at releasing himself from the curse and was back to the human form he should have been born in. Rexor ,although in human form, still retains many of the characteristics of his former form such as his bull headedness and his "snorting" like a bull when angered. This is why he is named REXOR BULLBORN!

ODO came from a noble family who's young men all became valiant warriors. Odo felt a higher calling ,one under a watchful eye, the eye of the village high priest of TYR. The priest met with odo's father and told him that "TYR" was calling for his son to join the brothers at the temple. Odo's father ,although a obedient servant of the gods, saw a different life for his son, one as a mighty warrior. He told the priest that if he could best him in non magical combat, the way  of true warriors, he would allow odo to go with him. It was a fierce heated fight yet one that his father was destined to lose as "TYR" was with the priest and the priest defeated the father by disarming him and placing his blade to the fathers throat. Odo went on to study at the temple for many years before leaving to adventure. Odo Sigmarson is currently traveling in search of higher wisdom and high adventure









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