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Player's will be embarking on The Pathfinder Lost Goddess Adventure Path. Play will begin in the town of De-Chandelin; the characters having traveled to De-Chandelin to attend the Festival of Reaping. Players can be from the town of De-Chandelin, although they could just as easily be from the nearby villages of Moret, Merwin, or Masterdam. As exciting as the Festival of Reaping promises to be, De-Chandelin is also buzzing with excitement over the arrival of The Morning Star, a research vessel bound for the Ilis Fen Rain Forest several hundreds leagues to the south.

The Morning Star has made this unexpected stop at De-Chandelin because of a strange sickness that has broken out on ship. Several crew members and guards are too ill to continue their duties on board, so the ship's Bosun (Petty Officer): Maurice Ryan is in town recruiting crew and guards. Crew pay is 1 sp per day, while guards earn twice that. .

De-Chandelin is located on the western border of Hailil Foezil where the land meets the great ocean. It's a relatively small town and boasts a population of about 1,800. Fishing is the town's major source of income, although the farming runs a close second as the soil around De-Chandelin is rich and fertile. The people there are friendly and hard working. The town supports several Taverns, Inn, a Traders Establishment, a Furrier, a Weapons Smith, Armorer, Alchemist, among other businesses.


Hailil Foezil is not a unified nation. Elves rule the forests and are treated warmly by most humans. Dwarves are found in the northern mountains. Their hard labor provides the country with much needed resources to power a fairly successful metal industry. As a result, they too are openly accepted by the humans. (Elves tend to view the dwarves as somewhat boorish and taciturn, and the dwarves find the elves to be flighty and girl-like unable to perform true physical labor.) Gnomes live near in small clans near the dwarven mountains, lending their mechanical expertise whenever possible. They are few in number, but common enough for them to be accepted in all but the most backwater of communities. Halflings are viewed with near awe by many of the folk in Hailil Foezil. These child-like creatures have managed to carve out an existence in the pest-plagued hills of the north. Here, these lovable beings create idyllic burrow homes that they must defend against goblinoids, bandits and even worse creatures. Despite these hardships though, the Halflings go about their daily lives in quite contentment seeking a full belly and a good story. However, a weapon is always close at hand in case the need arises.


Hailil Foezil is a polytheistic land. The dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, and other non-humans tend to worship their traditional deities and have little love or reverence for the human gods. Similarly, the humans have their own unique pantheon of deities and few worship the non-human deities. These religions tend to co-exist fairly well with one another, except where ethics or beliefs clash. Normally such conflicts result in heated debates and occasional brawls. But, they can, and sometimes do result in bloody conflicts and open crusades against one another.

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