Calee's Dream

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July 12, 1203: Calee finds herself standing amidst arctic tundra at an excavation site. The site is approximately 50 feet in diameter and about 40 feet deep. The wind blows hard, obscuring vision and making it difficult for her to stand in one place. She has the feeling that she's not far (100 miles or so) from her home (the city of arctic elves). Parked on the snow pack is Stevenís spelljammer ship the Hammer Shark. A camp has been erected near the ship and the camp is occupied with various people dressed for this harsh environment.

Through the blowing snow, Calee can recognizes the members of her party (Steven, Quinlan, Lady, and such). Encased in a huge block of ice is a large, gold colored, egg shaped device about 12 feet long and about 6 feet in diameter. Itís difficult to make out the exact measurements due to the ice and blowing snow. The deviceís surface is engraved with rune and sigils and marred as if itís been exposed to great heat; again these are difficult to see due to the ice and blowing snow. A group of men (a crew of 8 or so) have attached straps to the ice block and are in the process of pulling the device from the excavation site.

After much effort, the device is removed, dragged from the excavation site, and hoisted into the cargo hold of Stevenís ship. The excavation team congratulates the party of a successful mission. Everyone speculates as to the value and purpose of the item.

About an hour after Stevenís ship departs the cold tundra, a massive explosion rocks the vessel. The vessel splits in half and crashes in the snow and ice. Scattered about the wreckage are the bodies of Stevenís crew, and those who helped with the excavation. There are a few survivors and some of those are party members, Calee is dazed from the crash and canít be sure. Bursting from the broken remains of the ship is a gargantuan armored spider. It lets out a sound that is too hideous to be called a scream and too loud to be called a roar, some of the survivors explode in a spray of red. The creature starts mowing down anything that moves. Overhead, there is a great rushing sound. Calee looks up to see about a dozen great flaming spheres streak by. They disappear over the horizon and a few moments later she feels the shockwave a great explosion; the ice quakes underfoot. Her mind explodes with cries of thousands she gets the feeling that her race is gone. She wakes up to a whisper. . . Valendale.