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Dar-Khazad Character Classes

Dar-Khazad characters are created using the standard point buy system as detailed in page 169 of the 3.5 DMG. Players should create a 28 point character and select a name, race, and alignment for their character. Characters of good alignment are preferred as evil or neutral characters may not be willing to undertake the missions necessary to unravel the various story plots.

It should be noted also that the Dar-Khazad campaign setting will start out using only the 3.5 Core Rule Books (PHB and DMG) other works may come into play as the campaign matures.

Due to the harsh conditions on Dar-Khazad, all characters start with 2 points in the Survival Skill. The 2 points are given for free. Characters who wish to advance this skill must follow the rule detailed in the Playerís Handbook.

Bards are thought of as historians and are highly respected. Traveling bards (Minstrels) seldom want for a warm meal or place to sleep. It is considered bad luck not to offer hospitality to a bard, thus they are provided for freely and gladly as their songs, stories, and poems have become the history of Dar-Khazad.

Barbarians have developed as the most common character class on Dar-Khazad. They are both sturdy and resourceful, and in great demand as every person lives under the constant threat of the Chit.

Fighters are common as well. Although they lack the barbarianís natural speed, they can use a variety of weapons and are also in great demand.

Clerics are known by many names; Healers, Teachers, Thinkers, and are the least popular of the divine spell casters. Although they have the ability to Turn Undead, this power is seldom used as there few Undead on Dar-Khazad. Players who choose this class may select any religion found in the Playerís Handbook or the Deities and Demi-Gods book.

Druids are also known by many names; Guides, Knower's, Seers and, due to their relationship with the forces of nature, are the most popular divine spell casting class.

Monks are a dying if not extinct character class. The chaotic and uncertain life afforded to most inhabitants leaves little time for spiritual inflection and mediation.

Paladins are perhaps the most frowned upon character class on Dar-Khazad. Once considered peace keepers and diplomats, the day of the paladin has passed. Many feel that the Paladinís code of conduct greatly contributed to the fall of Dar-Khazad. Paladins are generally considered as unreliable.

Rangers are the most respected character class and looked upon as being both very brave and very reckless. Chit are typically selected as their favorite enemy, but the type of Chit (Beetle, Centipede, Spider) generally depends on which colony lives near the rangerís location. Most Rangers live in a town or village and serve as scouts to observe Chit movements and patterns.

Rogues are considered scavengers and are generally frowned upon. Rogues often band together attacking travelers and stealing what loot they can find. Rogues can occasionally be found in the service of a town or village serving in the capacity as scout.

Sorcerers are considered a gifted lot and most marvel at their abilities. Sometimes they are viewed with skepticism as most cannot fully understand a sorcerer's grasp of the arcane.

Wizards are considered mysterious and wondrous at the same time. Unfortunately, material for spell books is in short supply, so if a spell book or other written work is discovered, it is coveted greatly. Most wizards have spell books made of Pa-Tau hide.

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