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Pa-Tau (both single and plural) are large earth worms that grow 6 to 8 feet in length and about 10 inches in diameter. There are reports of larger Pa-Tau, but those reports are generally considered inaccurate. Pa-Tau are covered with a thick hide that can be tanned and used much in the same way leather is used. Pa-Tau meat is major source of protein and is used like we use beef.

In Dar-Khazad, male family members generally chose the same profession as their father, their father's father, their father's father's father, and so on. If you are a warrior chances are that your father was a warrior, your grand father was a warrior, and your great grandfather was a warrior, and so on. Male family members who break this tradition are considered black sheep and are shunned by their family. Female family members are not bound by this tradition.

Family history is very important. Every spring one week a year is set aside as the Week of Chronicles. A time where families unite and the male family members tell stories of their ancestors and keep family history fresh in the minds of the young-ones. It is not uncommon for stories to reach back 10 or more generations. In addition, as family is so important proper introductions are as follows: "I am Reghar, Son of Gimley, Son of Gunnar, Son of Atex of the Fire Forge tribe (clan, or family). It is considered polite to include at least 4 generations in such introductions. Those who fail to acknowledge such an honorable introduction with a compliment and return with an equally honorable introduction are considered rude.

Thunder storms and electricity (magical or otherwise) do not exist on Dar-Khazad, something about the planet, perhaps its lack of magnetic poles, disperses electrical current and thus the concept of lightning or Thunder Storms is beyond understanding.

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