Clerics of Druaga

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For centuries the devil worshiping cult of Druaga have opposed the forces of goodness. Most of this opposition has however been accomplished in the dark and has posed little threat. This all changed about 10 years ago when the followers of Druaga declared war on the followers of Zeus. Although no one is sure how the war started, many people believe it began when St. Vesner imprisoned Druaga in hell decades ago. That victory, while glorious and courageous, has made life almost unbearable for the followers of Zeus. Over the past 10 years, the followers of Druaga have hunted the clerics of Zeus to the point of extinction. While the clerics of Zeus fight with courage and honor, the followers of Druaga use poison, hire assassins, and attack the innocent. The religion of Zeus and its way of life is slowly dying.

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Special Abilities

At 1st level clerics of Druaga gain the bonus spell Cause Light Wounds which they can cast once per day.

At 4th level clerics of Druaga gain the bonus spell Protection Good which they can cast once per day.

At 7th level clerics of Drauga may elect undergo the Transformation Rititual. This is a painful process in which the cleric undues great physical pain. The clerics who survive the rititual gain another set of fully functional arms. This transformation is one step closer to the cleric taking the likeness of Druaga.