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Clerics who are of the Norse religion are of a grim and warlike nature. It is this warlike nature that allows Norse clerics to fight using the same attacks tables as warriors. However, because of their warlike nature, Norse clerics cannot Raise or Resurrect the dead.

A clerics leader of the group will always sacrifice an enemy (if one is present) or a steer (if one is not) before any voyage of importance or a special battle, the victim is simultaneously hanged and thrust through the heart with a sword and the remains are burned on a pyre of oak.

In addition to their clerics responsibilities, clerics of Hel often seek those who are good and slay them. Acting mildly good, blaspheming their deity, and even dealing with paladins, all of which are grave infractions to most other religions, are quickly forgiven as long as the cleric shows bravery in their next battle. Cowardice, on the other hand, with cause the clerics in question to loose all clerical powers for a period of time, and if it happens continually, the cleric is reduced to cinders on the spot.

Clerics of Hel wear helmets only when adventuring or when they feel threatened. In addition, clerics of Hel paint the left side of their body with white makeup and the right side of their body in black makeup.

Clerics of Hel may cast spells from the spheres of All, Charm, Combat, Creation, Divination, Healing, Necromantic.

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Special Abilities

At 1st level clerics of Hel gain the bonus spell Cause Disease. At 5th level the cleric gains the bonus spell Harm. At 9th level the cleric's touch is equal to a Staff of Withering. This Withering Touch can be used twice per day. When a cleric of Hel employs any of the following spells: Curse, Cause Light Wounds, Putrefy Food and Drink, Cause Fear, Cause Blindness, Cause Disease, Bestow Curse, Bestow Paralysis, Poison, Dispel Good, Slay Living, Harm, and Destruction the victim saves at -2.