Clerics of Zeus

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Clerics who are of the Greek religion are the most familiar to most groups of people. Because of the need for human worship, the Greek Gods show all the traits of the mortals they claim to be so high above. The Gods are highly jealous, envious, petty, and fly into blind rages in an instant.

Only Greek clerics worshiping Poseidon may ride horses; all others must walk or ride in wagons or chariots. No cleric may have dealings with clerics of another sect for any reason (on non-hostile terms) as this is considered as a minor transgression by their deity and punishable by the stripping away of the 3rd and lower level spells for a lunar month.

All clerics must permanently attach themselves to one temple, and this temple is the only place where he or she will be able to Commune and where they must be drawn back to when using a Word of Recall spell. When the cleric reaches name level he or she may construct their own temple and it will be this new temple that they must come to and Commune from. If the temple gets sacked or despoiled in any way, the cleric loses his or her higher level spell abilities until the temple is reconstructed.

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Special Abilities

Clerics of Zeus are generally wise rulers but have a weakness for attractive members of the opposite sex. At 1st level they gain the bonus spell Fly. At 11th level the cleric gains the bonus ability to cast a Lightning Bolt spell as if it were cast by a 3rd level magic-user and gains 1 hit dice for every 2 levels of experience the cleric gains above 11th. All Clerics of Zeus may use spears in battle if they desire and gain +2 to all saves versus electrical attacks. However, they attack all creatures from the elemental plane of earth at -1 to-hit. All creatures fro the elemental plane of earth gain +1 to-hit and +1 per dice damage when fighting clerics of Zeus. Clerics of Zeus may have no more than 5 of each type of curative spell.