The Cobbler

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Appearance: Old-Aged
General Appearance: Clean
General Tendencies: Cautious
Possessions: Above Average
Disposition: Kind
Intellect: Brilliant
Nature: Forgiving
Materialism: Average
Honesty: Very Honorable
Bravery: Brave
Morals: Virtuous
Piety: Average

The Cobbler first met Steven, Sneed, Nomad, Theadocia, and Kendall in the summer of 1197 when he was gathering a band of the realm's most respected adventurers to undertake a mission of great importance. Giants had been raiding outlaying villages and killing the townsfolk. These attacks seemed too precise to be the works of giants, so it was the party's mission to discover what force, if any, was behind the giant's raids.

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