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This campaign began in 1990 with the original characters being Nomad Homeless (played by Rob Mizner), Steven (Joie Plunkett), Gar Kargoth (Dickey Smalley), and Theadocia De-Chandlin (Charlotte Ridley). The campaign has evolved over the years, and while some players have bid the group a fond farewell, others have joined being new blood and new ideas with them. Over the years the game system has evolved as well. When we first started the campaign in 1990, we played 2nd Edition AD&D, in 2003 the campaign was converted to 3rd Edition AD&D, and now we are played 3.5 Edition. The campaign is now home to the following characters: Grand Wizard Nomad Homeless (Rob Mizner), Lord Steven (Joie Plunkett), Mistress of Arcane Power Natasha Quintari (Harold Tignor), Savior of New Moret Saddanar Storm Crow (Rob Carter), Lord Gar Kargoth (Dickey Smalley), Heir to Thunder Mountain Roman Blunt (Eric O Connell), Ranger Lord Renchor Thorstein (Emmett O Connell) wielder of "Moradin" the sword of legends, High Priestess of Re-Horakhty Lady Lauren Vaile (Rob Carter), and High Priest of Zeus Adon (John Curnutte).

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