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Appearance: Youthful
General Appearance: Clean
General Tendencies: Precise / Exacting
Possessions: Above Average
Disposition: Even Tempered
Intellect: Brilliant
Nature: Forgiving
Materialism: Average
Honesty: Very Honorable
Bravery: Brave
Morals: Virtuous
Piety: Saintly
Many years ago, before the great wars, was born a humble cleric known only as Krill. These were the days when the world was young and man looked upon life as a gift to be treasured and held close. Befriended by Thor "The Man of Rock" and Gunger-Din the dwarven warrior; Krill faced many a powerful foe. One by one the forces of darkness fell at Krill's feet. First, was castle of Quasqueton where Krill discovered the secret of Zelligar and Rogahn's disappearance. Next, Krill traveled The Roads of Terror and defeated the forces raiding passersby. As Krill's fame grew he was joined by Mork, the elven wizard, Gallahad the cavalier, and Durrivan Dunharrow the dwarven warrior.

As time passed, Krill gained the reputation of being a wise cleric and a powerful foe of giant-kind. Zeus saw the potential in this young priest and quietly led him on many tests to determine his true capabilities. The final phase of this testing process came on a quest that saw Krill slay the Saint Kargoth The King of Death Knights in single combat. The fight was nearly fatal to Krill, but he did survive to lay claim to his true destiny!

Saint Krill Vesner "The Giant Slayer" is a person of great faith and courage, this Saint has led a truly unique life. His adventures have spanned many years and have taken him to many strange lands. Through it all, he has been a strong opponent of evil but at times his chaotic nature has led to a few close calls with powers greater than himself. Through it all he has held his ground and slowly established his true identity and purpose in life.

No one knows where St. Vesner lives, he just appears in times of trouble to offer advice or offer protection if need be. It is known that St. Vesner is a powerful adversary of giant and devil-kind and it is rumored that Krill is responsible for the war between the clerics of Zeus and the followers of Druaga.

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