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The halflings of the Kron Hills are all concentrated in the village of Littleborough. They are a very independent bunch, whose village does not lie within the borders of any other state. They tend flocks of sheep in the surrounding hills, fish the great pike from the Clearwater, and cultivate grain in the western valley. This valley is also the home of a tribe of centaurs. The halflings share their crops with the centaurs who in turn have pledged to protect their little community. They are very fond of each other, and centaurs will often be seen racing through the lightly wooded valleys with halfling riders clinging to their flashing manes.

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This village is the home of about 150 halfling stouts. They dwell in little boroughs, hence the village name, which typically have only one door, a shuttered window, and a chimney. They are very carefree, working only as much as they need to. They interact little with the other communities of the Kron Hills, though this is as much because of laziness and disinterest as for any other reason. They are very friendly with a tribe of centaurs which lives to the Southeast. They raise much grain which is traded to the centaurs for their hornwood bows and for the variety of fruits, particularly Karafruit, which they gather in sheltered glades. There is no mayor over Littleborough, though each year the inhabitants elect a Sheriff. His job is not only to judge in the case of any legal matters, of which there are few, but he is also the liaison with the gnomes of the Greenway Valley. As he is almost constantly shuttling back and forth between the two communities, sometimes even traveling to Verbobonc itself, the position is greatly desired for its adventurousness. There is one inn in Littleborough, The Galloping Pike, where the Greenway crosses over the Clearwater River. Prices are quite low, and the quality and entertainment grand as travelers are the villages main source of news and the Halflings attempt to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.