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Appearance: Youthful
General Appearance: Clean
General Tendencies: Precise / Exacting
Possessions: Above Average
Disposition: Even Tempered
Intellect: Brilliant
Nature: Forgiving
Materialism: Average
Honesty: Very Honorable
Bravery: Brave
Morals: Virtuous
Piety: Saintly

The character of Militadles was first introduced in the Pool of Darkness book written by by James Ward and Anne Brown. Since his introduction into the camapign, Militadles De-Chandlin has symbolized all that is good and pure.

During life, Militadles was a faithful follower of Tyr and gate guard of the city of Phlan. Under Militadles protection, the gates of the city gained the nickname "The Death Gates" for every force that came against them died at the hands of Militadles and his city guards. Over the years, Militadles' name became a legend so much so that every paladin of Tyr is familiar with Militadles, his exploits, and his great courage. What history failed to record was the way Militadles died.

During the year of 0093 a deathmaster by the name of Zarl came to great power. Backed by a powerful undead legion, he laid waste to hundreds of villages and small cities. In the year of 0095 Zarl led his undead army against the city of Phlan. For months, the forces of Phlan stood their ground as countless skeletons, zombies, and other undead perished at the foot of the death gates. On several occasions, Militadles called for Zarl to face him in a one-on-one battle of honor; Zarl always refused. Time was taking its toll on the city's forces and Militadles knew it was only a matter of time before the city fell to the hands of Zarl and his undead army. In desperation, Militadles slipped into Zarl's camp in order to slay the death master and end the siege upon the city. Militadles was successful, but was himself slain after being discovered by Zarl's guards. As punishment for his dishonorable actions, Tyr cursed Militadles to roam the nether world until such a time that he could go on a quest and redeem himself.

Miltadles' rebirth is his final chance for redemption and it is by no accident that he joined the Disciples of Justice. Militadles' quest is to journey with the party on their battle against the giants. He is charged with the responsibility to guard the party. He may keep guard, cast spells, and defend the party. He is forbidden to assume a leadership role or to take unnecessary risks. His destiny lays in the abyss where he must face "The General" a powerful skeletal warrior.

On 2/10/1203, while guarding the Speaking Circle, this brave paladin was laid to rest by demon seeking knowledge from the Speaking Circle. Feeling the Militadles has spent the last 1,100 years acting with honor, Tyr forgave the paladin and allowed blood to course, once again, through his veins. Thus, Militadles exists no longer as an Undead monster, but living as a flesh and blood man. He has left New Moret with a new purpose. Rest assured, the party will see their old friend again!

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