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New Moret is located in the Archclericy of Veluna at hex A5/95 on the WORLD OF GREYHAWK map and is about 30 miles south east from the capital city of Mitrik.

Disputes resulting from open hostilities between the Village of Nulb and the Village of New Moret have been passed to the Territorial Development Council of Mitrik. After much negotiation, politicians from Verbobonc, who had been acting as mediators in hopes to prevent a conflict between the two villages, have thrown their hands up in disgust. One saying, “We can only hope that one side is victorious so we can finally move on to matters of importance!” Whatever the truth may be, the Territorial Development Council of Mitrik is taking a hands-off approach; waiting to see which side escalates the conflict. They also feel that Nulb is too far away to be any real threat; located hundreds of miles to the south and without any real force that pose any real danger.

Once known as the village of Moret, this small town has seen its share of tragedy. In 1197 this small village was the site of a huge battle between the Sir Avery Vallump and the forces of the Vile Runes Castle and Steven and the forces of good. The village suffered greatly and was nearly destroyed in this skirmish.

Fate shined down upon this village as Saddanar decided to rebuild the town and make it his home.

Those arriving at New Moret will ses a sign that reads:


It is said that the town belongs to the Great Wizard Saddanar. While it’s true that he owns the town, it’s the people in Saddanar’s eyes, that make up New Moret. The wizard is well liked by the townsfolk for his genuine concern for the welfare of the people and is interested in making New Moret a town where one can come and rest ones weary feet whether for a day or a life time. New Moret is an expanding community that has a promising future. We have a mayor and a town council whose concern is for the peace and well-being of the town; each a member of the community and business owner. Some of its known establishments are as follows: The Sturdy Stallion tavern and inn; a place where one can stop to wet a parched mouth or fill that empty place in your stomach. Rooms are available for over night stays or longer. The Long Trek Outfitters Shoppe; an establishment where an adventurer can find equipment for that big journey or that farmer that can find that sickle for his field. There’s a carpenters shop, a smoke house, a black smithy and stables, and more. Although the populace is small, it’s growing everyday. We thank you for your patronage and hope that you will come to see New Moret as we do... a good place to call home.

This village supports Saddanar's tower, the Sturdy Stallion tavern and inn, the Long Trek Outfitters Shoppe, the Lake of New Moret, and the Speaking Stones, a set of large stone rings. Those few who have entered the ring have found adventure, often before they were ready for it.