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Appearance: Middle-Aged
General Appearance: Clean
General Tendencies: Cautious
Possessions: Above Average
Disposition: Even Tempered
Intellect: Brilliant
Nature: Forgiving
Materialism: Average
Honesty: Very Honorable
Bravery: Brave
Morals: Virtuous
Piety: Average

Theadocia De-Chandlin: Widowed wife of murdered paladin of Tyr Valiant De-Chandlin; high priestess of Zeus who lives at the De-Chandlin castle about 10 miles outside of Hommlett. Thea, as she is called by her friends, has known Lord Steven for many years. In their younger days they battled the forces of evil on countless occasions, but since the death of Valiant and the birth of her son Marcus, Thea has limited her adventuring choosing to don her armor only in times of dire need. She is a member of the leadership council in Verbobnc and has taken great care to insure peace in the realms

In times of need, Thea can be counted on to lend aid to those who are pursuing the cause of good.

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