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Orak Feldorian:

Orak was raised in a large farming community. His childhood consisted of the general chores on the farm, the occasional trip to the nearby city (where he always came back with something he did not pay for) and keeping those darn critters out of the crops. Orak got quite good at setting and designing traps, archery and just plain being sneaky.

Storm Shadow:
Storm shadow's history is hazy. He is of an oriental decent and a practitioner of of the art of "ninjitsu". His given name before entering his schooling was "KANTO SUBUSOKI". Storm Shadow wears black and dark gray cloths with a black wrap around his face that covers his nose ,mouth and chin, (because of an accident that scared his face). His hair color is died gray but is normally black and long often kept in a tight pony tail. When he was young he would run from shadow to shadow attempting to keep out of the sun, often shutting himself in the closet for hours at a time practicing picking the closet door lock. When at home, he could often be found sitting in the corner, sent there because his mother would put him there for shooting the house cat with a sewing needle from a home made blow gun tube. Shortly there after his parents sent him to a school to learn swordsman ship where in his 2nd year there he was noticed by his sword masters brother who saw in kanto untapped potential. It is from this time that the history of "STORM SHADOW" (a name given to him by his new teachers), becomes hazy, as if he disappeared altogether. Upon his reemergence into the world (after 10 years in seclusion), storm shadow wandered the lands meeting others and started a life of adventuring. 


Rapture from first glance is not exactly what most would call clerical, especially not from his temple. The normal robes and hanging holy symbols scarcely ever touch his body. Instead he chooses to adorn a suit of steel breastplate that shimmers with a golden tint that the array of lightning bolts across it are to thank for. In the center of the breastplate's chest piece is a worked in holy symbol of Heironeous, Upon the bracers of the breastplate are the most stand out part of the suit besides the holy symbol and those are the encrusted lightning bolts that run down and encircle both gauntlets fully.
Even more of Rapture's faith can be found in his other gear, a separate holy symbol hangs around his neck, along with a signet ring that has another holy symbol adorned upon it, and still a final holy symbol shows upon his heavy steel shield, all of Heironeous. Though he doesn't have a holy symbol there, behind his shaggy black hair his bright blue eyes show the divine faith in Heironeous he holds.

Rapture's undying faith in his deity is one of the few things he knows he'll never give up, and when death comes rip him away, he'll fight to speak his last words in Heironeous's name. Though he is not one for preaching, Rapture has no problem roaring his faith upon the battlefield, and even more when he see's hopelessness and need in the faces of those around him. While other clerics say their deity told them to "pick up their prayer book", Rapture knows he picked up his sword and shield for his deity, not by command, but by love and faith.

Zealous is one of the only words to describe Rapture's personality. He is care free of his own safety when things start looking bleak for those around him, and usually acts upon the moment, not giving thought to the dangers or consequences that could follow, just blatantly acting. This, though, sometimes will get him into trouble with his older brother Roman.

Many things Rapture can endure. Being the younger brother of a paladin he's heard his fair share of lectures and felt his fair share of justified palms upon the back of his head. Though not many things set him off, there is one thing he will not stand for, disrespect of his brother, Roman, or Heironeous himself.

Though Rapture doesn't possess the natural divine connection to Heironeous that Roman does, he has no problem acting as if he had and praying for it with every thought and breath he can spare. He looks upon the enemies of his lord as thorns in the side of a judge; they need to be removed as so judgment can be fulfilled.


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