Rob Carter

Graveyard Home


Mobius,7th level wizard[killed by chrisís character]

Erol Otus.3rd level drow fighter[killed by boulder thrown by giant.]

Itto Kurigami,5th level kensai[killed by giant]

Rok 4th level saurial paladin[believed killed by bugbears.]

Rook,7th level halfling guardian.[killed by lord steven and by giants.]

Gallan,3rd level human fighter[killer unknown.]

Fandrilthe Dashing,2nd level bard gallant.[death at the hands of nemo the insane paladin.]

Larna,4th level elf druidess.[killed by owl bear mother.]

Dallan the black knight,9th level human fighter.[killed by lord steven.

Oberon,1rst level male elven cleric.[killed by army of skeletons.]

Ragnar,5th level Viking runecaster.[killed by chrisís wizard.]

Razor,dwarven rogue 2nd level.[killed by spell]

Clea raven locks,female cleric 10th level[of bast][killed by spell.]

Elkhorn,male dwarven fighter 2nd level.[cousin of gunnar foeslayer.]killed by spell.]

Stormshadow,ninja 2nd level[killed by orcs.]

Creed,2nd level human rogue.[killed by spell.]

Big Vinnie, 3rd level fighter [killed by 3  wraiths?]Brought back to life by otto vanhelsing[cleric 15th level,of Cuthbert.]

Capt. Meric,3rd level human fighter.[killed by cavemen in randyís world.]

Falcon,2nd level human fighter.[fell in casm and died.][randyís world.]