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Tears of the Angels

Rinaldo "TOADY" Efrain. (Rob Carter)
Rinaldo, or toady as he is affectionately known by his friends, because of his voice. Is the son of Deidra Efrain a seamstress, and Martin his father who died when Rinaldo was a child .

Toady is under the employ of Garren and Tabitha Sloan in their inn, the "HALFMOON" cleaning and choring. Toady has a boyhood crush on Tabitha who took him under her wing and taught him the ways of the lore spinner, the musician ,the BARD. Many were the days that "toady" would sit and listen, no.....he wouldn't just listen, he would hang on to every word and to every song she would sing and play for him. He would just sit in awe of the pictures of the past that she would paint for him with her words. Along with his friends, in the town of Gilhaven, he ventures forth to find fortune and fame but especially to find tales of lore that he can tell though out the lands in taverns and inns as Rinaldo the lore spinner! 


Ignacious “Iggy” Trey of Gilhaven (Joey)

I  was born and raised in Gilhaven. My parents Fredric and Jeane own a coffee farm outside of town. I have always had a strange gift and my parents have always treated me different than the rest of my brothers and sisters.

I was surprised that when I wanted to go to work for the Seyers and not help on the farm, they almost seemed happy. Going to work for the Seyers was the best thing that ever happened to me though. Jenni spotted right away that I had the gift and let me in on a little secret. She could also work magic. Over time she taught me to somewhat control my gift and even harness it in specific ways, alas she has taught me all she can. With the knowledge she has given me, and my desire to learn more. I have decided to leave our hamlet with my friends to further my quest for knowledge.


Cooper Stormhand ( Mike M. )
        I was born in Jericho Hill. My father Orin was a celebrated war hero of the Goblin Wars. He and his brothers in arms forced the goblin hordes back into the mountains after three years of fighting. For this honor, He was given his choice of duty.... which oddly enough is what brought us to live in Gilhaven. He is now the Marshall of the Roads for all of Tauc. It sounds pretty impressive I know......but it's not all it's cracked up to be. My father has been training me to become his assistant for quite a while now.....and though it has it's times of fun, danger, and excitement.... I've come to realize something.........Tauc is BORING ! For this reason, my best friend Iggy and I ( along with three other close friends ) have decided to venture out on a few , shall we say "adventures" of our own. I know my father won't be too happy with me in the near future, but hopefully friends and I will do something astounding. Then he will come to see the true warrior spirit in me.


Ventius Marquis, Cleric Of Pelor. (Blaine)

     Well, what all can I say of my time in Gilhaven? Seems I was born here by mere accidental luck. My mother, Pelor rest her soul, died shortly after my birth here in the temple that my father by name, Xura, leads. Syble was her name, and she was chasing my adventure bound father, Reid. What became of Reid, for I have forsaken him as a father due to his childish ways, is beyond me, but why should I care anyway?

     Either way though, Xura took me in at once and has taken care of me up until the last few years of my life. The last few years, I have cared for him. Why such a kind old cleric should be cursed with blindness, I do not know, but sadly Xura has all but lost his God granted ability to see. Though, Pelor giveth and Pelor taketh away, so it must be for a reason.

     Now, the days are boring, I must admit, but I'm not going to just rush off into some adventure like that pathetic excuse for a man, Reid, did. No, I'll just be happy that I have friends here in Gilhaven, and take care of my blind father. Maybe something will happen, hopefully I'll be ready for it...hopefully...

Kaden (JD)

     Kaden is a lawful good person. He has a strong sense of justice and loyalty, especially to his loved ones. He seeks to help out those he can and takes work seriously, performing every job to the best of his ability.Strong and hardy, Kaden takes great pride in his physical prowess and loves jobs that put his physical abilities to good use. His strong sense of honor and pride has gotten him into a few brawls but they were all for good causes. Kaden is not necessarily the smartest, wisest, or most charismatic person in Gilhaven but does have a great deal of common sense and has had young women take an interest in him. Kaden is very pious and worships Pelor, the God of the Sun. he prays every morning to Pelor and has always gotten along very well with Ventius and the other priests of Pelor because of his devotion. Because of his work Kaden was never really able to do much work for the church and therefore was not able to become one of its clerics. Kaden does take great care to do all he can for Pelor and now that he has faced undead himself he takes fighting them very seriously and hates the undead with a passion, often yelling out prayers to Pelor and curses to the undead.




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