Hamlet of Gilhaven
AL: Lawful Good
Power Center: Conventional
Gold Piece Limit: 100
Mayor: Ryoso Seyer (Expert4)
Regional Atache:Sir Marlin Rinera (Pal3/Arist1)
Constable: Garren Sloan (Ftr8/Expert2)
Resources: Coffee, Sugar, and Wool

Gilhaven is the capital of the Char Tauc Valley region of the land of Mejis. It is located about 2 weeks travel by foot south of the city of Jerico Hill. The closest community to Gilhaven is the village of Stonegate. Stonegate is a small salt mining town located 2 days travel north along the trade route from Jerico Hill in the Gathra mountains.

The valley takes in approximately 2300 square miles with a total population of approximately 1500 men, women, and children. The main source of income is from farming (coffee and sugar) and wool production. The valley sits in the midst of the Gathra mountains.

Important People

Tempel of Pelor:
High Cleric: Xura Marquis (Clr5)

Half Moon Tavern & Inn:
Owners: Garren (Ftr8/Expert2) and Tabitha (Brd6/Expert1) Sloan

Seyers Dry Goods and Storage:
Owners: Ryoso and Jenni Seyer
The Seyers own 3 warehouses for the storage of trade goods.

Obards Livery:
Owners: Gerri and Samantha Obard

Kerdalanes Blacksmith Shop:
Owner: Juan Kerdalane

Marshall of Roads:
Sgt. Orin Stormhand (Rgr5)