The Great Wars.


The land was at an easy peace, despite small incursions here and there of either humanoids or the occasional wandering monster, the land was quiet and life went on. It was during this time of solace it happened...........WAR!


All the great cities were all hit at once. Forces composed of demons, devils, drow, ilithid, dragons and other evil struck all at once in a coordinated attack that took the great cities by surprise. Large villages all around the land were besieged by giants, ogres, and varied humanoid forces of evil. Evil priests, wizards, and liches each in their place provided their own armies which seemed to grow larger after each village was decimated. The dead on either side rose to join their legions. Corpses of war dogs, horses, mules, and even children followed along. The corpses of the little ones were sent first into the awaiting defenders. The visage of small helpless weeping children brought many a soldier out of his emplacement. In the dark they could not truly be seen well so it wasn’t until too late that the doomed soldiers realized and were cut down by onrushing skeletons. The grave sites in the village, as in others, bristled with "un-life" as the priests and liches and wizards summoned each corpse from its place of rest to rise for the occasion! Temples, places of worship in their various forms, were sought out by evil in its blood lust and rage. The great demon "NARRRUUL" vowed to set fire to a temple who's worshipers pay homage to the Norse deities "ODIN"+ "THOR". The chief high priest of Odin, "SIGURD ODDSPUN", and VIGUN HAMMERHAND, chief high priest of Thor, backed by fellow priests, stood in the devils way. After a long battle and the death of man, "NARRRUUL" was destroyed and the halls of Valhalla welcomed many new "HEROS". "THORFINN"  the "HAMMERER, chief of the largest clan, led a force of mighty barbarians in a assault upon a large force of undead, destroying all and slaying "MORD",  their master!

Even in the cold lands, evils reach clawed and ravaged the land, driving whole clans out of their territories and further north, Elves in their turn fought to protect the land dealing many losses to the evil forces, but in the long run it only served to slow it. In the "VESVE FORREST", it's occupant's formed a defensive line. Snakes, bears, wolves, wild dogs, gnomes (who recently took refuge there after being driven from their hill homes) elves Halflings, Druids and monks who found peace there as well. Rangers plying their scouting skills, played "SPY" on the Orc army camped just outside the forest wall. They snuck into the midst of the encampment, and released snakes, tiny but deathly poisonous, Then went back to the forest, leaving their small friends to sneak under blankets, into clothing, and do their business. Just inside the forest, skirt traps were set, both magical and non magical to slow and surprise the enemy. As the morning sun rose the Orcan army lined up, catapults were loaded with flaming pitch and waiting for order to fire. Huge earth elementals, summoned by druids, rose from the ground and destroyed each catapult before they could rain flaming death on the forest and its inhabitants.

 Eventually the forests occupants drove back the relatively small force of Orcs .The community of orcs, as a whole that existed at this time, especially those that attacked the Vesve Forest and its inhabitants, was half its total before the outbreak of the war. Used as cannon fodder by their masters, they were not considered as a major force and they were used to draw out the enemy. Kobolds as a race were over looked by evil forces during the war making them the most numerous evil humanoid race at the war’s end………………….. More to come……